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Outdoor Training Workshops

To manage outdoor challenges helps you to gain new insights about yourself. You can define your strengths and personal thresholds. In an atmosphere that lets you experiment you will learn to overcome obstacles, if you consider them to be worthwhile overcoming.

Expanding limits means to leave your personal "comfort zone" to broaden your horizon. You can discover and test new personal and working environments. You will feel inspired to determine for yourself how you want to make use of these outdoor experiences in your personal or professional life.

Which kind of outdoor experience will offer the best chances for your solely depends on you and your objectives. You do not have to be in top shape to participate in the following activities:

Professionally designed adventures can - in a welcoming way - show teams how they interact, what kind of hidden potential they carry with them, and how to expect, accept, and embrace individual differences. True communication happens in an environment of mutual understanding and respect.

Using methods of "Project Adventure" we strive for opportunities to transfer the participant's outdoor experiences into his or her daily life. Implementation is the individual's responsibility. However, the reward will be a richer selection of behaviors and actions in all types of situations. Achieving these results are easier for you when the challenges in our outdoor program resemble actual problems in everyday life. Our pleasure and responsibility are to design an outdoor experience to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.


Management ABC

Outdoor flyer

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I will remember,
Involve me and I will understand.